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Welcome to my blog. I am newly retired and eager to enjoy it all - decorating, shopping, cooking, travel and most crafts - paper crafts, stained glass, mosaic, mixed media, sketching, painting - you name it, I want to try it.
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Garden buddies

Can you see our cute little hummingbird buddies?  They are soooo cute and just love to land and rest oin the top of our fence.  Look carefully and you can see these cute little guysl

And then of course we have our buddies the roadrunners.  They come begging food - clacking and clacking and very brave.  Unless we have raw meat, they are not happy with us and move on to someone else.  They're clacking is a sound to hear.


  1. Well of course they love to visit your yard - it's absolutely beautiful!! ;)

  2. Love the origamai ornaments! You have a nice blog :o)